AXA Yacht Services

Sandy Ground AI AI-2640

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Professional, friendly and comprehensive yacht service is now available to yachts visiting Anguilla's shores and keys.

The ships agent, Gabi Gumbs represents the link between the ship and maritime authorities. She helps in administrative matters such as convenient yacht clearance through Immigration and Customs, as well as  banking, provisioning, travel arrangements, dinner and hotel reservations, musical entretainment, golf... and any other concierge services or support requirements that the ship and its passengers may have.

With minimal fuss and no delay, yachts can phone or e-mail ahead of time and arrange their clearance requirements, then settle the boat in at their preferred anchorage. Then Gabi will prepare and arrange for all the requisite documents to be stamped and completed for a seamless clearance experience and a trouble free platform for a successful Anguilla itinerary.