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Welches Polyclinic

Welches Hill AI AI-2640

Hours of Business

walk-in clinics mon-fri 8am - 4pm
screening clinics monday 1pm - 4pm
antenatal clinic tuesday 8am - 12 noon
home visits by doctor thursday 8am - 12 noon
child health clinic friday 8am - 12 noon

Specialist Services

internal medicine tuesday 1pm - 4pm
paediatrics clinic wednesday 1pm - 4pm
obstetrics/gynaecology thursday 1pm - 4pm
dental services (by appt.) mon-fri 8am - 4pm
physiotherapy mon-thurs 8am - 4pm
pharmaceutical services mon-fri 8am - 4pm
ophtalmology (by appt.) wednesday 9am - 1pm