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The world in which we live continues to change at a pace which is not always welcome.  Globally, borders continue to become meaningless and transactions now take place at the speed measured in megabits per second.   The demands on practicing barristers and solicitors are ever changing impacted both by an increase in legislation and the very variegated and yet connected regulatory authorities.  As this onslaught of sometimes change for the sake of change meets us of, we to look for the things that have not changed.

Caribbean Juris Chambers, the law firm (barristers / solicitors / consultants) has for the last 25 years been providing international and domestic legal services.  Among such services has been advice to ensure secure asset protection, estate planning, the registration and renewal of trademarks, patents and copyrights. In addition, Chambers consistently provides high quality advice in the area of general commercial law and our advice to the offshore legal sector remains a significant part of our advisory work.

As a full service set dedicated to focusing on client's needs and expectations, Chambers provides between its members more than 25 years of litigation experience at both the Civil and Criminal Bars. 

The members/tenants of this well-established Chambers are active in both the domestic and international bar associations, and assist clients whose privacy is essential. With close working relations with the Anguillian Government and the local banks, CJC is able to speedily assist its clients in establishing the necessary relationships in this expanding jurisdiction. 

John Benjamin 
(Head of Chambers)

Cube Credit Services Limited

Cube’s approach to debt-recovery is one of diligence and is results-oriented.   Cube works in close association with the law firm to aid collection through the magistrates court and the High Court.  Cube also works in conjunction with affiliate law firms throughout the Caribbean to recover debts in the region.

Cube also maintains listings of property auctions on the island and in collaboration with the law firm can assist in the entire real estate transaction.