Kosher Anguilla


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Kosher Anguilla is the is exclusive provider of reliable Kosher concierge services to guests visiting the island of Anguilla.

We specialize in providing local, on-the-ground Kosher services by connecting guests to appropriate villas that will cater to a variety of kosher needs.  Upon arrival to your villa, you will find your kitchen fully stocked with complete sets of Meat and Dairy dishes, pots, pans, china, glassware and utensils, as well as an entire kitchen – from top to bottom –  securely and reliably koshered under the direction of the St. Martin Chabbad. Additionally, Kosher Angulla will order and procure all Glatt Kosher proteins and dry-goods as needed, as well as provide carefully selected Chefs to prepare reliable Kosher meals. We also provide large-scale Kosher event services for special occasions and holidays

We are staffed full-time, by a Jewish expat, as well as one in New York City, both with experience in serving  the Kosher and general demanding needs of guests and who will facilitate the specific religious needs of those guests.


Under the supervision of the St. Martin Chabad, Kosher Anguilla will ensure the kashrut of each villa’s kitchen and provide adequate sets of Meat & Dairy dishes, glassware, utensils and flatware.

Kosher Anguilla can secure Glatt Kosher meat, fish and dairy as well as source all Kosher dry goods and stock them in each villa.

Available upon requests, local chefs, proficient in Kosher meal prep and cooking, are also available to cook three meals each day, or on an as-needed basis.


Whether a wedding, birthday, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Passover Seder, Sukkah, Shabbat Dinner or just a special occasion, Kosher Anguilla can handle all logistics and details when it comes to large-scale groups and their events.


We can arrange to make your private group Shabbat and Yom Tov observance meaningful.  For example we can arrange Kosher-for-Passover food or a Sukkah at the villa should you stay over a holiday.