Anguilla Bar Association

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The Anguilla Bar Association is a voluntary association of legal practitioners admitted to practice in Anguilla. It has its own rules and ethical standards to uphold. The Association is administered by the Bar Council which is mandated by the membership to carry out the purposes of the Association and decide on various matters affecting the legal profession in Anguilla.

The purposes of the Association are:

  •   To support and protect the character, status, Interest of the legal profession generally, particularly of Barristers practicing within Island of Anguilla
  •   To promote honourable practice, to repress malpractice. to settle disputed points of practice, and to decide at questions of professional usage or courtesy between or amongst Barristers.
  •   To consider all questions affecting the interests of the profession, to initiate and watch over, and, if necessary, to petition the Legislature or promote deputations in relation to general measures affecting the profession, to procure changes of law or practice, and to promote Improvements in the principles and administration of the law.
  •   To promote Information on legal subjects by lectures, discussions, books, correspondence with public bodies and Individuals, or otherwise.