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Tropical Treats Truck

George Hill

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Children and adults can't resist the call of the 8-Bit music played by the Tropical Treats Truck! Locally made icecreams and sorbets offer flavors you will find only in Anguilla: vanilla bean, chocolate, cookies and cream, eggnog, salted caramel, soursop, coconut, orange pineapple, cinnabon, red velvet, carrot cake, guiness, baileys, rum raisin, amaretto almond, mango sorbet...

Truck route:

Mondays: Sandy Ground, Little Harbour, Long Ground

Tuesdays: South Hill, West End, Long Bay

Wednesdays: The Valley

Thursday: The Valley, Rey Hill, Cauls Bottom

Fridays: South Hill, Blowing Point

Sundays: Island Harbour through East End