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Hibernia Restaurant & Art Gallery

Island Harbour

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Hibernia Restaurant & Art Gallery started in 1987 when Raoul & Mary-Pat moved to Anguilla. Since the purchase of the propety in 2013, they have made extensive structural changes, all in the interest of beautifying the restaurant and turning it into an oasis of peace and tranquility. The tables now border a Balinese-style water pool, nestled in a stone sculpture garden filled with desert roses. During your visit, enjoy wandering through the art gallery to browse their latest collection of Southeast Asian paintings, hand-made silver jewelry & antiques.  

While keeping some of the favourites, Raoul continues to innovate with additional new dishes, reflecting influences from the annual three months of travelling for the pleasure of guests.

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Main Course Menu

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Hibernia offers an island-wide pick-up service upon request, US $14 per person round trip.

Open  from Dec 15th to April 1st

    for dinner: Tuesday through Saturday.

    for lunch: Tuesday through Saturday.

Open from April 1st to 30th July and Nov 1st to Dec 22nd

    for dinner: Wednesday through Saturday.

    for lunch: Wednesday through Saturday.

Closed for Annual Holiday: from 31st July to Nov 1st

The Art Gallery is open during restaurant hours and can also be visited by calling Mary-Pat