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Cuisne frome the Sun

True food lovers will experience at Veya a sophisticated and inventive "cuisine from the Sun" interpreted by chef Carrie Bogar. If the many flavorful dishes referring to Vietnamese, Indian, Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine give you a hard time to make your choice try the five-course tasting menu! Surrounded by a luxurious vegetation under the wooden verandah, get prepared to have a memorable dinner.

First Course Menu

Second Course Menu

Desserts Menu

live music on Mondays (Omari Banks Acoustic), Tuesdays (Asher and Vanessa - classic and contemporary Jazz, rhythm & blues and pop covers), Wednesdays ("You can't beat the classics" by vocalist Leslie Nanton), Thursdays (Omari Banks and 11), Fridays (AIM - Anguilla's newest live band featuring Ruel Richardson, Evan Brooks and Courtney William) and Saturdays (EJJ - featuring members of British Dependency)

Open for dinner Monday thru Saturday 6 -10 pm (November to May)

Monday thru Friday for June, July, September and October

Restaurant will be closed from September 1st to October 16th