The Valley

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Oishi (Delicious Asian Kitchen) is pleased to welcome you in a central location (downsairs St James Medical School) for fantastic Asian meal: of course you will find your classic stir fried, sushis or bento box (let's not forget the Thai Bubble Tea)  but trust the chef to surprise you with his specials like tempura burgers, avocado wrap, tropical katsu and Suman sa ibos!

Oishi brings a mixture of Japanese, Thai and Filipino delights using only premium products

Don't hesitate to ask the chef to cater for yout private events as well

Sushi menu                Salads Soups Sandwichs menu                Fried Rice menu   

Stir Fried Spring Rolls Dumplings menu                        Drinks & Desserts menu

Open Monday until Friday from 12pm to 9pm

Sunday from 6pm to 9pm