Lynne Bernbaum Art Gallery

Sandy Ground

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Lynne Bernbaum explores the geometry within nature and the nature of geometry within fine art by responding to a variety of external stimuli found in her surroundings of Anguilla, where she has lived and worked for the past decade, as well as from within her own vastly fertile imagination. By overlaying the elements of pattern, subject, color palette and composition with a refinement of style and a ‘whimsical seriousness’, she achieves startling and graphically compelling results in herpaintings.

Ms. Bernbaum has participated in over a dozen important exhibitions and currently exhibits successfully in Anguilla as well as galleries in Madrid (Spain), Brittany (France), Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and next, Montreal (Canada). Her masterful skill and expertise in various media bespeaks the work of a mature and dedicated artist.