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Mermaid School International

Masara Resort

Mermaid School International is here to help you realize your dreams of being a mermaid for an hour and for life! 

Have a Mermaid Experience or become certified as a Professional Mermaid, or sign up for 3 levels to become a Mermaid Instructor and/or a Show Mermaid.

You can find the Mermaid School at theViceroy Hotel, located within the Kids Club. Classes are held at Le Bar on Sandy Ground, and on beautiful beaches like Rendez Vous Bay, Katouche, Crocus and Meads Bay in Turtle Cove. Photo Shoots take place along our breathtaking sandy beaches, in our crystal clear sea, along colorful coral reefs and in our soothing calm waters.

Call ahead for class schedules, group lesson or to book private classes.

Places & Prices

Mermaid School International is now at Garvey's Sun Shine Shack on Friday 1:30pm-4:00pm