Aqua Park

Cove Bay

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The “Aqua Park” is the largest inflatable water park of its kind in the Caribbean and is made up of Anguilla’s orange, white and blue colors. 

The Aqua Park is something never before seen on the shores of Anguilla and is a fun and safe family-friendly attraction for swimmers and non-swimmers. The Aqua Park is staffed by a first aid and water rescue certified team.

The Aqua Park is located at Cove Bay Beach in front of Smokey’s At-The-Cove Restaurant, a popular eatery and beach hangout with great food, drinks, beach chairs and music on the weekends.

The Aqua Park consists of interconnected trampolines, slides, and climbing structures and invites all age groups.

There is a 48” minimum height requirement in order to access the park and anyone under 9 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.