Louis Price Gym - JC Recreational Centre

South Hill

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The JC Recreational Centre is an Anguillian Registered Charity and Anguilla’s first and only covered recreational centre.  It provides a safe place for children to play and interact with each other.  It has been operating since 2007, with the following Mission Statement: “To direct and harness children’s energies into positive channels, which include organised sports, fitness classes and tutoring sessions to facilitate and enhance their social development”.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 5:00am &  6:15pm gym members come together for early morning fitness training - step class, dumbbell class, calisthenics circle class, high-low impact class - You can join!

And available everyday: basketball, table tennis, strenght training, fitness classes, volleyball, five-a-side soccer, badminton, ​reading, colouring and drawing, homework study area.

Booking of Sport Court for special events available.

Monday - Saturday: 5am - 9pm 
Sunday: 10am - 9pm