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Freedom Rentals

Blowing Point AI AI-2640

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Freedom Rentals, based in Blowing Point Village are delighted to introduce two new and exciting excursions for land and sea – ATV (4 wheel bike) and individual motor boat Tours. Freedom Rentals will offer both ATV Rentals and guided ATV Tours of the Island and Tiger Safari Tours will offer thrilling excursions where guests drive their own 2 seater powerboats. Both activities are being introduced to Anguilla by local businessman, James Richardson. Join the crowd for lunch and a day of total fun and relaxation, there’s something for the entire family or just for two; arrange an outing to prickly pear or sandy island. Hire your own private boat for a half or full day outing and relax while the captain and crew take you to the most breath taking locations at sea. The office will be staffed between 9:00am and 6:00pm