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Rendez-Vous Bay

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Have a blast with a team of American Red Cross Certified SUN GUIDES:

SUNKISS Arawak Adventure Experience: On The SUNKISS Arawak Adventure EXPERIENCE we visit some of those sites...SOMETHING... like the Arawaks did, On the water...with Calypso music and coconut concoctions this adventure takes on Anguilla by Sea...with stops at some amazing sites, preserved from over 4,000 years ago. We make plenty of time for snorkeling and swimming...and, like the Arawaks, we come ashore Beautiful Sandy Island for A sumptuous Grilled Lunch.

SUNKISS ATV Adventure Experience: On the SUNKISS ATV Adventure Experience you will travel to some of Anguilla's most untouched locales, flush with deep insight into the island's unique history and culture. Enjoy a delicious West Indian Lunch, served up beach-side at Da'Vidas in Crocus Bay.

SUNKISS Hydro-Flight: Fly 15 Ft. above the ocean's lips, or dive in for a KISS. Experience these unrivaled 360 degree views of Anguilla, St. Maarten and Saba on Anguilla's most exciting adventure experience to date. Don't leave Anguilla without taking flight with SUNKISS.