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Written on 10/01/2014

Passport and Visa: A valid passport (with at least six months before expiration) and return and onward tickets are required for all visitors to Anguilla. Green card holders must have a valid green card and valid passport from their country of origin.  In some cases, visas are still required for entry into Anguilla. Visit a British consulate for visa applications.

Effective 1st June 2017 changes are intended to encourage travel to Anguilla and facilitate ease of entry without compromising border security:

  • Persons from countries which require an Anguilla visitor’s visa to enter Anguilla, will no longer require that visa, once they have a valid visa or residence permit from the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. On entry into Anguilla, such persons may be allowed to remain for up to three months. 
  •  Nationals of St Maarten/ St Martin using a machine readable national identification card will be allowed to enter Anguilla and remain for up to 72 hours (3 days). Likewise, French Nationals who are visiting St Maarten/ St Martin will be allowed to enter Anguilla using a machine readable national identification card and to remain for up to 24 hours (1 day). 
  • Further, unless there are special circumstances which necessitate a shorter time period, all other visitors lawfully entering Anguilla may be given permission at the port to remain for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days.

Notice: Belongers of Anguilla travelling on a foreign passport (including British European), who are not in possession of required proof (belonger stamp, belonger certificate or naturalization certificate) may be categorized as non-national.

For further information regards immigration or comming with your pet, please refer to the government official pages.

Customs: Residents returning back will find the Duty Calculator very usefull

Currency: XCD - Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of Anguilla but the US Dollar is accepted everywhere on the island at the rate of US$ 1.00 for EC$ 2.68 . In addition, ATMs are located in many places. If you stay over the weekend, it is recommended doing your change or withdrawing on Friday.

Tipping: In restaurants 10% of the bill are common (in addition to the local Tax and Service Charge) and for a porter US$ 2 per case. Also keep in mind the luggage porter at the ferry or the airport, it is common to give US$ 20 notes for tips.

Transportation: There are cars, jeeps, scooters, ATV and bicycles for rent. Taxis have fixed prices (the island is divided in 10 zones), and are available at the airport and the ferry terminal. Night rides should be organized in advance.

Driving: Driving is on the left side of the road and a license required: issued by the car rental companies, it can be also purchased by submitting a valid driving license at the Inland Revenue. Fee of US$ 20.

Electricity: 110 volts AC, as in the US.

Mosquito: As in any tropical area mosquito are present and can be vector of denge, chikungunya and zika. Although the island is regularly treated and only a few cases have been reporded it is recommanded to minimize skin exposure in the day time or use repellent.

Climate and temperature: In the summer months, usually around 86°F (30 °C), in winter 78°F (26 °C). Water temperatures varies between 73°F (23 °C) and 80°F (27 °C).

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time, which is UTC -4

Public Holidays for 2020:

December, 21st (Monday): National Heroes and Heroines Day

December, 25th (Friday): Christmas Day

December, 28th (Monday): Boxing Day

Public Holidays for 2021:

January, 1st (Friday): New Year's Day

March, 2nd (Tuesday): James Ronald Webster Day

April, 2nd (Friday): Good Friday

April, 5th (Monday): Easter Monday

May, 3rd (Monday): Labour Day

May, 24th (Monday): Whit Monday

May, 31st (Monday): Anguilla Day

June, 14th (Monday): Celebration of the Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen

August, 2nd (Monday): August Monday

August, 5th (Thursday): August Thursday

August, 6th (Friday): Constitution Day

December, 20st (Monday): National Heroes and Heroines Day

December, 27th (Monday): Christmas Day

December, 28th (Tuesday): Boxing Day

Fishing Regulation:

Turtle: it is an offence to take, harm, be in possession or obtain any part of a turtle or its eggs (If guilty of offence you are liable to be fine EC$ 50.000,00 and one year imprisonment)

Fishing: only belongers of Anguilla or persons in possession of a valid fishing license shall be eligible to fish in Anguilla waters for personal consumption or commercial use; it is also a violation to sell any species of marine product without a valid commercial fishing license.

Lobster and Queen Conch:

Lobster must be landed whole and alive. It is an offence to strip or in any other manner molest an egg-bearing crayfish or lobster. It is an offence to take or be in possession of: 

- Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) with a carapace lenght less than 95mm (3,74") and a tail weighting less than 200g (7,05oz), processed or unprocessed

- Egg bearing Crayfish (Panulirus guttatus) or Spiny Lobster

- Soft-shelled crayfish or Spiny lobster

- Tar-spotted crayfish or Spiny lobster

- Crayfish or Spiny lobster taken by means of speargun, harpoon or hook of any description which does not permit the animal to be returned to the sea alive and unharmed

- Queen Conch with a minimum shell lenght of 18cm (7,08") measured from the spiral tip to the foremost edge

- Conch (Strombus gigas) meat, when removed from the shell weighing less than 225g (7,94oz) after the removal of the digestive gland

Any person convicted of an offence shall be liable to a fine of EC$ 5.000,00 and or to imprisonment for one month

Beach: No person(s) shall take the sand from the beach for any reason what so ever; no person(s) shall light a bon fire without specially granted permission to do so; no vehicular traffic is allowed on the beach (sand)

Revised edition of The Statues and Regulations of Anguilla is now available (12 volume set containing 436 booklets bundled with 2 CD-ROMs, or revised edition CD-ROM bundled with Legislation of the UK and Multilateral Treaties CD-ROM, or Acts and Regilations Booklets sold separately)

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